Women’s Golf Day

On Tuesday, we welcomed over 140 golfers to participate in Women’s Golf Day at Timberwolf! On one of the most beautiful nights of the summer so far, we celebrated the participation of women in the sport of golf. The entire evening was free as the focus was on promoting the lifelong skills and camaraderie connected with the sport. There was a great mix between GolfSudbury regulars and new members – a fantastic thing to see!

For those who aren’t familiar with the event, Women’s Golf Day is a day internationally celebrated in 46 countries from Canada to Switzerland and Australia to South Africa. Over 701 locations offered clinics, rounds of golf, and a time to socialize. Last year was the first International Women’s Golf Day and in only its second year it experienced a 68% increase in participation with over 29,100 women taking part worldwide. The event focuses on a three-prong goal: to engage females in golf, to empower new and experienced golfers to learn skills that last a lifetime, and to grow a support network for golfers. The day is a reminder that you don’t need to be a professional or a regular golfer to enjoy a round of golf a few times a year.

At Timberwolf women had the opportunity to choose to take part in a golf clinic with our golf Pro Tom Clark or play nine holes of golf. With Tom, they learned new driving techniques as well as some tips for putting and chipping. Out on the course it was all about enjoying golf for what it is – for some women it was about the challenge of playing at Timberwolf and for others it was enjoying being outside in the sun with their friends. The night ended with a clubhouse full of happy golfers!

We also had some lucky winners of the evening who took home some gift cards and even a new set of clubs! Our big winner was Lynette Grandpre who won a set of ladies’ golf clubs – the perfect gift for a beginner golfer!

You won’t have to wait until next year to take part in a women’s golf day as we will keep the good times rolling all summer long with our ladies’ nights. The nights can be described as “a hoot” by the ladies who attend and it won’t take you long to figure out the reason why. Between all five courses you can find a ladies’ night any evening Monday to Thursday and on average we host 300 ladies between the five courses each week! Ask any of those ladies and they will tell you just how fun those nights are. Different from men’s night, ladies’ night focuses on having fun through adding different prizes and games played on the course each week. The evening goes beyond the game of golf. They have theme nights, wine and cheese parties, and spend time socializing. If you haven’t been to one yet it might just be time to check it out – so bring your friends or come alone and make new ones!


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