Timberwolf Men’s Day Week #6 Results

Sorry for the delay, another great turnout with 48 guys coming out and once again some more new faces. Great to see.

Since we are getting lots of new guys, a quick reminder that the 4 winners of Net & Gross prizes are not eligible to win those again for 2 weeks but are eligible for CTP’s, skins & Circle Hole.

Weather’s heating up and so are the scores, here’s last week’s winners;

Low Gross –            Liam Hamlin, 34               $ 60.

2nd Gross –              Jay Jewett, 36                  $ 36.

Low Net –               Joey Hayes, 34 (retro)       $ 60.

2nd Net –                 Dave Klus, 34 (retro)         $ 36.

Closest to Pin –        John Whalen                    $ 48.

Skins, each worth $ 48.,    Graham Macrae with a 3 on 5, Taylor with a 2 on 6 and Liam Hamlin with a spectacular “Albatross” 2 on # 1, congrats Liam.

NO winner of the Circle Hole, pot up to $ 100.

Tomorrow’s going to be a scorcher, great reason to come play some golf, hope to see everyone there.


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