Timberwolf Men’s Day Week #5 Results

Hi guys,

Great turnout on Wednesday with 51 guys ponying up their $10.00.

Winnings are getting up there and if we keep increasing our numbers we can look at paying out a couple more winners. Our ultimate goal is to get the numbers to a point where we can set up some teams and add a little more competition to things.

I had a lot of scorecards not turned in & I realize that you maybe felt you didn’t win so why bother but this league is handicapped so each score helps create your “League” handicap & we do have net prizes. Having a rough round is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are playing 18 please play Men’s League first & hand in your scorecard after 9.

Here’s this week’s winners;

Low Gross     –        Danny Stack (34)              $ 63.75

2nd Gross      –        Pat Laferriere (36)            $ 38.25

Low Net        –        Albert Crispo                    $ 63.75

2nd Net         –        Jordan Eles                      $ 38.25

Closest to the Pin –  Matt Akerman                   $ 51.00

NO Circle Hole Winner – $ 51.00 carries over

Skins, each worth $ 51.00 – Danny Stack (3 on 16), Matt Akerman (2 on 13) & Sean Dowling with a nice Eagle 3 on 18.

A reminder that winners of the Gross & Net prizes are not eligible to win those again for 2 weeks but are still eligible for skins, CTP & Circle Hole prizes.

Thanks for all the support this year everyone. Great to see lots of new faces. Any feedback you have would be appreciated.


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