Timberwolf Men’s Day Week #2 Results

Men’s League – May 30


Good morning everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting last week’s results out.

We had another solid turnout of 38 guys. The “Landshark Girls” were here to hand out samples and get everyone off to a upbeat start.

Winners last week as follows;

Low Gross     –        35 – Taylor Couillard          $ 47.50

2nd Gross      –        36 – Kevin Britton             $ 28.50

Low Net        –        33 – Nick Liard                 $ 47.50

2nd Net         –        34 – Trevor Digby             $ 28.50

C.T.P.           –        Trevor Digby                    $ 38.00

Skins $ 57.00 each  –        Mackenzie Belanger, 3 on #2

Taylor Couillard, 3 on #3

We had 2 winners of the Circle Hole in Kevin Britton & Don Barrette, however there was a little confusion.

Just to clarify, you must be inside the circle to win. It’s not necessary to mark your spot with the pin as long as someone witnesses it. If more than one person is inside the circle, the pot is divided equally no matter who is closer.

Sorry for the confusion in the kitchen, we had an event going at the same time and unfortunately dropped. We promise to be better.

Wednesday is looking warm & sunny so I hope to see you all there.


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