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timberwolf Golf Club

cedar green golf club


monte vista golf club


pine grove golf club


stonehill golf club


Timberwolf Golf Club

1930 Maley Dr, Garson, ON, P3L1M5

(705) 524-96-53

The 19th Pub and Patio

There are some exciting things happening at Timberwolf Golf Club! We are  pleased to welcome our new Head Chef Barrington "Barry" Nault. With over 20 years of cooking experience, Chef Barry is pleased to present our NEW menu. We are also featuring daily soup, pizza, and pasta specials. Be sure to stop by before or after your next round. Don't forget to say hi to Barry!

Let Chef Barry prepare a delectable meal for your next party, event, or everyday dinner! Email to make your reservation.

Enjoy your dinner with Chef Barry

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