The Flexible Golf Membership

Spring is here and it’s time to say goodbye to winter! If you are a golf fanatic who is unsure of how often you will be able to play golf this year, this message is for you. Would you like a membership option that allows you to decide where you play and how often? Would you like to play at a discounted rate and reap all the benefits of being a member? If you answered yes to either of these questions or if you are just curious – I have the answer for you.

Let me introduce you to our Flex Membership. This membership category is available, once again, and is perfect for the young professional or the family-parent who wants to be part of a club but cannot justify the expense. As someone with a young family, I understand now, more than ever, that sometimes life gets in the way. Golf is my passion but it is more and more difficult to find the time to play – last year I played only 16 times, the lowest rounds ever since I started golfing. Many of you are in the same boat and I get it. I also understand being a member of a club is very important, as part of being a golfer is the pride of belonging to a club. So, we came up with the flex membership because we want everyone to be part of the GolfSudbury family regardless of how often they can play. Here are some of the highlights of being a flex member:

  • The Flex Membership is a Timberwolf Membership Category
  • You may use the Members Only Driving Range – $425 value FREE
  • You receive club cleaning and storage – $150 value FREE
  • A Clubhouse locker – $25 value & supply is limited FREE
  • 20% OFF your personal regular priced green fee and cart rentals at all five GolfSudbury properties. Cannot be combined with other discounts or specials.
  • We offer you 50% OFF room rental fees for your event or wedding
  • We give you A FREE ceremony if you host your wedding at Timberwolf or Monte Vista
  • You receive 20% OFF full priced Proshop merchandise *Excludes Golf Balls*
  • You can participate in all member events

What is the financial commitment?

Join as a single member for $1,500.00 or with a friend for $2,500.00!

That’s right, you get all of the above perks and, if your account investment equals more than $2000 in a calendar year, we will give you an additional $200 account credit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it called a Flex Membership?
A: Because you decide where you play and how often, at a discounted rate, with all the benefits of membership.

Q: What purchases can you make with your Flex Membership account credit?
A: You may use your credit towards your personal green fee and cart rentals at any of our five GolfSudbury courses.

Q: What happens if I have not used all of my membership account credit at the end of the season?
A: Your balance will be carried forward. However, to receive the benefits of being a member you will be required to reload your credit by a minimum amount of $750 ($1,500 for the friend category) and have a minimum beginning balance of $1,500 ($3,000 for friend category) by March 1st of the following year.

Q: What happens if I want to add funds to my credit through the year?
A: By all means go ahead, and if your investment reaches $2000 you will receive a $200 credit. Members that join with a friend will receive their bonus of $400 once the combined investment reaches $4,000.

Q: Can I use my Flex Membership to pay for a guest?
A: Unfortunately, your guests will have to pay for their own green fee and cart purchases.
Q: Can I use my Flex Membership to pay for Food & Beverage?
A: Unfortunately, your Flex Membership can only be used towards your own green fees and cart fee purchases. It can not be used towards Food & Beverage purchases or Proshop merchandise purchases.

A: The Flex membership is designed for the golfer who cannot commit a lot of time to playing golf, but would still like the benefits of a membership. You choose how often you play at your special rate, with the same privileges as our other membership categories. Your membership commitment is completely flexible and your choice.

Having you as a member is very important to us and the time you can commit to playing golf should not discourage you from joining GolfSudbury. There is nothing better than belonging to a golf club and the comradery that comes with being a member.

The Flex Membership fills a large void in our membership options and we look forward to seeing you at the club this season.



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