Ten Great Reason for Seniors to Golf

Have you ever thought about taking up golf but never quite got around to it? Perhaps it is because you thought it was too late to learn? Think again! Your senior years can be the very best time to enjoy the game!

Here Are Ten Great Reasons Seniors Should Take Up Golf

  1. Age is not a barrier: You are never too old to learn golf and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are either. Golfers, even professional golfers, come in ever shape and size imaginable.
  2. You’ll live longer: Yes, really you will; 5 years on average according to a Swedish study. Google it!
  3. You’ll stay healthier: Golf help keeps you physically active and according to sports scientist Neil Wolkodoff, if you walk and carry your golf bag, you will burn an average of 1442 calories playing 18 holes of golf. We are so excited about the health benefits of golf we are even encouraging people to walk Timberwolf and now offer a senior walking rate for the first time ever.
  4. Golf keeps you mentally active: Golf is not just a physical game but a mental one as well. It calls for strategy, creativity and problem-solving, all of which help keep your brain active; one of the key ingredients in fighting off the aging process.
  5. It’s a great way to bridge the generation gap: You can play with your son, daughter or whomever you meet on the first tee. Golfers don’t care how young or old you are just that you enjoy the game! And don’t forget children 13 and under always play free at GolfSudbury courses so make sure to bring out your grandkids.
  6. Improvement to your social life: Golf is a very social game. We offer men’s and ladies golf leagues that are free to join as a member plus they are a great way to make new friends or start a new relationship.
  7. The enjoyment of being close to nature. You will encounter many different forms of nature on the golf course including; birds, beavers, deer, flowers and many different species of trees. Plus, the views at our golf courses are outstanding, especially at Monte Vista. And, don’t forget about the wonderful smell of freshly cut grass! 
  8. The never ending challenge: With golf, every day is a fresh start to your never-ending mission to shoot a lower score, birdie a specific hole or hit a certain type of shot well. Plus, when you join GolfSudbury you have access to 5 great golf courses that all have something wonderfully different to offer.
  9. Great recreational value: Golf is really a great value when compared to many other activities and if you do the math you will agree. Plus, each of our locations offers a daily senior green fee rate or membership option. 
  10. The camaraderie of the 19th: After your round of golf, you can enjoy the company of your golfing friends while treating yourself to a great meal and your favourite beverage.

Your Next Steps:

  • If you haven’t played or have not played in a while start with some lessons from our Head Teaching Professional Tom Clark. Learn more at timberwolfgolfacademy.com or by contacting Tom at 705-691-6019
  • Get a membership, we offer amazingly good value compared to other activities. Learn more at golfsudbury.com or by contacting me at 705-720-2150 x1210
  • Give yourself a high five for getting out the house and doing something that will make a real difference in your life!



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