September 19th 2016 Newsletter – Cedar Green Monday Ladies Golf Day

What fantastic weather we had this evening for our final Monday Ladies Golf Day, with exception for the downpour of rain that came during play for some who were finishing their final hole. Tonight, we had a total of 111 golfers join us, to celebrate a phenomenal year which would not have been possible without your participation.

We are truly grateful for all your support throughout the 2016 season. Many of you have participated in various charity fundraising events and we are extremely grateful. Therefore, tonight to show our appreciation we drew names for 118 great bonus prizes of which 20 of which had a value of $100 or more. These prizes were awarded to ladies who demonstrated their support by attending at least 10 Ladies Golf Days this year.

There were 254 different ladies who joined us at Cedar Green for Monday Ladies Golf Day, of which 70% returned to golf subsequent weeks. We had a total of 2046 ladies golf with us during the past 21 weeks, for an average of 97 per week attending our weekly event. This was an increase of more than 600 participants for the same period last season. No doubt the great weather was definitely a contributing factor, since we had no official rained out games.

In the pamphlet we have provided this evening we listed all of the 45 sponsors who have donated prizes for our Ladies Golf Days and our Wrap-up celebration.  We hope that you will show your appreciation for their generosity, by supporting their businesses.

The Cedar Green Ladies Golf Committee wish to express our sincere gratitude to owner Sam Yawney, Rob Minnini Director of GolfSudbury, Kyle Lukun manager of Cedar Green, the pro shop staff, and the starters Mel and Ed for the support they provided our team. We also extend a special thank you to Brian Cattapan and his staff for great food and service they provided in the clubhouse every Monday.

We would especially like to thank Sam and Karen Yawney for their generosity and support to our committee and the Cedar Green Ladies Golf Day, with their numerous donations to many of our weekly events.

We hope you enjoyed the various formats we played during the 2016 Season and if you would like to see something different or didn’t enjoy a certain format please let us know.

For those 241 ladies who have provided their email addresses this year, you will be sent an email next April which will provide information related to our 2018 season.  We trust you will enjoy the dinner and the rest of the evening and that you will all return next year.

Thank you for a great season from your Ladies Night Committee:

Linda Collison, Lisa Burke, Maryann Zanchetta and Sylvie Bloom


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