September 10 th 2018 Newsletter – Cedar Green Monday Ladies Golf Day

Considering the cool weather and prediction of rain in the forecast, we are very grateful that on our 18 th Ladies Golf
day this season, we had a total of 90 participants, of which 1 was a new golfer to our Monday Ladies Night.
Tonight’s drink special is a 9 oz. glass of house wine for $5.
There has been some confusion over who is entitled to join us on our wrap-up night on Saturday September 29 th .
I had a few qualified golfers ask if they can still join us for the evening for the prize draws if they cannot play golf or
join us for dinner. The answer is yes, however a separate table will be set aside for these ladies since the other
ladies playing golf on September 29 th will have reserved tables identified by their starting hole.
A table will also be set up for the ladies who join us for dinner only and cannot play a round of golf us will not have
an assigned table identified by their starting hole.
If either one of the above situations applies to you please provide your name to Linda so she can set up a table
with place cards displaying your names on your assigned table.
As for the ladies playing golf on September 29 th , you will be seated with your foursome at a table displaying your
starting hole (i.e. Hole 1A and Hole 1B)
Linda will keep a list of all qualified ladies who are golfing, eating dinner and joining us for the draws only on
September 29 th . Hopefully, this information will help us determine the number of tables and prizes we will require
for our wrap up. This will also ensure you are seated with your friends for the evening.
For those ladies who have played 12 games up to this evening, the bar staff will continue to accept payments for
our wrap-up dinner on Saturday September 29 th . They have been provided a list of all the ladies who have their 12
games and those who have played 11 games up to last week. Therefore, if you have played your 12 th game today
you can pay for dinner tonight.
As well, if you have your 12 games and chose to not eat dinner you can still book your starting hole.
Please see Linda Collison at the Toonie table on Monday or in the clubhouse after your game, so she can record
your attendance and book your starting hole for Saturday September 29 th .
Due to our early shotgun start of 3 pm on our Wrap-up Night we will be playing a 2 person scramble. This way we
can ensure everyone is in the clubhouse at a reasonable hour for the dinner being served at this event.
Please check your attendance on the spreadsheet posted on the bulletin board in the Ladies locker room.
Next week on September 17 th we will be playing a 2 person scramble at a 5:30 pm shotgun start.
If you have not had an opportunity to book your starting hole for next Monday, you can call at the pro shop 705-
560-1090 and the staff will book it for you.

This Week’s “Winners” each won $19.00 for the following:
Front 9
1. Low Gross Score: Sharon O’Brien & Lynne Beaudry – 36 – 1 st Low gross
2. Low Gross Score: Terry Zanutto – 40 – 2 nd Low gross
3. Low Gross Score: Carol Klus & Betty Whitmore – 40 – 3 rd Low gross
4. Low Gross Score: Natalie Giommi & Linda Dussiaume – 40 – 4 th Low gross
Back 9
5. Low Gross Score: Paulette Carriere & Karen Croteau – 36 – 1 st Low gross
6. Low Gross Score: Maryann Zanchetta & Dorothy Lock – 37 – 2 nd Low gross
7. Low Gross Score: Lisa Burke & Sylvie Bloom – 37 – 3 rd Low gross
8. Low Gross Score: Freida Nassas & Karen Hnatuk – 39 – 4 th Low gross
Closest to the Pin (front 9 – hole # 5) Pam Borton
Closest to the Pin (back 9 – hole # 17) Connie Paquette
Closest to the Line (front 9 – hole #1) Lana Blouin
Closest to the Line (back 9 – hole # 11) Carol Giroux
The 50/50 draw in the amount of $90.00 was won by Danielle Lariviere
The twoonie pot in the amount of $329.00 was not won this evening therefore this amount will be carried over
and added to next Monday money pot.
This week’s Winners who joined us after 6:00 pm game, names drawn for gifts donated by our sponsors.
Dairy Queen (Sheila Lascelle – Lorne St. DQ): 8” cake: Marg Howe
Enviro Trends: Beauty Gift Bag: Karen Hnatuk


Harvey’s South End: Free Bacon Cheeseburger Combo: Elise Denis
Trade Secrets: beauty gift package: Lynne Beaudry
M.I.C.: $20 gift card: Bev Vienneau
Pro Golf Liquidators– $25 gift card: Mimi Laframboise
Skakoon Home Hardware: $25 gift cards: Linda Dussiaume


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