May 24th Newsletter – Monte Vista Ladies Golf Day

Third ladies night and 34 ladies participated.  The weather started looking gloomy but the good news is that it did improve by 5 pm.  The course is in great shape so invite all your lady friends to join us.

Our Ladies Night is growing and that’s great.  In order to ensure that all ladies enjoy our golf night and keep joining us on a weekly basis, here are some reminders:


  • Tee times must be booked in order to avoid a back up and a slower pace.
  • If your tee time is booked i.e. at 5:00 pm your entire group must be ready to golf. If someone in your group cannot make that tee time, please book your tee off time appropriately.  If you are running late, DO NOT proceed to tee off until you check with the pro shop.  It is unfair to cut in front of a team who booked a tee time.
  • If you did not book a tee time, the pro shop will provide a tee time. You may need to wait.
  • Golfing 5 ladies is not allowed. Please split your group as it slows down play.


As your Ladies reps, our goal is to make your Ladies Night a fun evening that makes you wanting to come back.  Our aim is simply to please.

IMPORTANT:  The $15 you pay is for green fees only.  We negotiated this price with GolfSudbury so we can keep a reasonable rate for our ladies night.  In order to receive the discounted green fees of $15, you must pay $5 for prizes.  If any ladies do not want to join our Ladies Night but want to play 9 holes, the regular rate is $20.34.  Based on these rates, there is no reason not to join our Ladies Night and enjoy golfing with friends while having fun.  It’s a win win situation for all!

NEW DIVISION:  We have decided that a Senior Ladies Division will be added to our Ladies Night but only when you play your own ball (not a 2 or 3 ladies scramble).  All ladies who are presently 65 years of age or older will qualify for this division.  The onus is on you to indicate the word “senior” next to your name on the score card.  If it not indicated as such, you will not be considered for the “senior” division.  Closest to the rope and pin will remain as one category.  We hope this new division will be inviting to other ladies.

*****REMEMBER to write your full name clearly on score cards and your scores.  Your score cards must be dropped off in metal box in Main Entrance of golf course or given to Ladies reps.

*****Once you have taken 10 shots, pick up your ball and mark 10 on your score card for that hole.



Once you pay your $5, add your name to the list.

  • Closest to Pin – $10 – Paulette Carriere
  • Closet to Rope – $10 – Lise Gladu


When you pay your $5.00 for Ladies Night and $2.00 for Chase the Ace, you do not need to be present to collect any prizes.  Prizes are left with at the Pro Shop so you can pick it up when you join us for your next Ladies Night.

Today we played your own game on the front nine with free lifts out of the water (as many as necessary).   $170 was collected and as agreed upon, $1 from the $5 is kept for our year end wrap up night.  In order to join our wrap up and enjoy a gift, ten (10) games must be played from May 10th to the wrap up night which will take place at the end of September.  You still have a lot of golf nights to meet that goal!

Last week, a card was not picked up in the box at the time the Ladies Reps left the golf course.  Based on their scores, each lady would have been given a $15 voucher.  Jill Schweyer (score 44) and Renee Wilson (score 50) will each be given a $15 voucher from tonight’s proceed.


The balance of $136 is paid out by vouchers to the winners listed below.  Here are this week’s winners:

  • Jill Schweyer (see above) $15
  • Renee Wilson (see above) $15
  • Paulette Carriere – Score 37 $14
  • Chantal Moncion – Score 42 $12
  • Kerri McClure – Score 44 $12
  • Karen Croteau – Score 45 $12
  • Diane Wilson – Score 45 $12
  • Sue Prudhomme – Score 46 $12
  • Josee Paquette – Score 46 $12


Next Wednesday, we are playing a 2 or 3 ladies scramble on the Back nine.   FREE wine and cheese will be served starting at 7:30 pm.  Don’t miss out as this is a special night.

An extra price was selected by numbering system.  Additional prices are forthcoming and will be distributed accordingly.  If know anyone willing to make a donation, please collect on my behalf.  A letter to our Local Businesses is available.  Let me know so I can hand them out.


  • Jodie Giroux wins a free large Traditional Pizza from Toppers’s Pizza

Thanks to Topper’s Pizza for their continued donation.  Visit them for a delicious pizza at


‘Chase the Ace’ – 20 ladies participated

Diane Wilson and the 2 of Diamonds was picked

Sherry Shea and the 9 of Diamonds was picked

Valerie Smith and the Queen of Hearts was picked


***Ace of Diamonds pays 20% of the pot.  Aces of Heart, Spades and Club pay 15% of the pot.   We continue next week collecting $2 to play ‘Chase the Ace’ until all 4 Aces have been won!

***This year, we added 2 bonus cards to ‘Chase the Ace’.  Jokers are worth $10.00


Today’s special was Quesadillas and ladies stated that they were delicious.


The Monte Vista Ladies Golf Committee looks forward to seeing you next Wednesday and would to thank all staff in the kitchen, bar and pro shop for a great evening.  Thank you for the smiles and the wonderful service.


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