June 13th Newsletter – Monte Vista Ladies Golf Day

Fifth ladies night and unfortunately it was cancelled due to heavy rain and a thunderstorm. Jamie from Waterloo Brewing Co did show up with his Waterloo girls. A few of us enjoyed his products and send special thanks to Waterloo Brewing Co for their free beer. First time trying Landshark beer and we really enjoyed the taste.

The ladies who paid their $5 today and/or $2 for Chase the Ace will have a credit. The Committee will keep track of your credits so next time you play, simply add your name with an R/O next to it. All ladies who played last week plus the 21 ladies who joined us today (real troopers) will be credited with a game which will be reflected on our attendance records for 2018. All ladies who pay $5 prize fees and play 12 games from May 16th to September 26th can join us for our year end wrap up on September 26th. Prizes/gift will be awarded to all qualified participants.

In order to ensure all ladies have a fun night, your committee ask that you make your tee times to match the arrival times of all players. If your tee time is at 5 pm, your group should be at the tee box ready to golf. If a player is late, do not proceed to the tee box until you confirmed with the pro shop the next available tee time. It causes delays for other groups who booked tee times. Each group should be following the group in front of them. There should never be 2 holes open between groups.

Next Wednesday, we are playing a Shamble on the back nine. Like in a scramble, all members of your team tee off and the best ball of the team is selected. All players move their balls to the spot of the best ball. From this point, all members of the team play their own ball into the hole and record their individual scores. The format is for the entire 9 holes.

Our weekly newsletter is sent to all ladies who have provided their email addresses. A printed copy is posted on the bulletin board at the entrance of Monte Vista. It is also available on the Golf Sudbury Monte Vista website.

**Book your tee times until we decide if a shot gun start will be implemented. You can book your tee times for a few weeks. If you can’t golf, please cancel tee times to allow others to join us.

Different games are played weekly so please check the June schedule (besides $5 prize fee signup sheet).

For various reasons, there were some ladies who were unable to join us last year. We sincerely hope that these issues have been resolved and can once again join our ladies’ night.

*****REMEMBER to write your full name clearly on score cards and your scores. Your score cards must be dropped off in metal box in Main Entrance of golf course or given to Ladies reps.

*****Maximum score is 10. If you have taken 10 shots and have not finished the hole, please pick up your ball and mark 10 on your card.

When you pay your $5.00 for Ladies Night and $2.00 for Chase the Ace, you do not need to be present to collect any prizes. Prizes are left with at the Pro Shop so you can pick it up when you join us for your next Ladies Night.


‘Chase the Ace’

***Ace of Diamonds pays 20%, Aces of Heart, Spades and Club pay 15% of the pot. The remaining 35% of the pot is awarded by $20 increments to ladies who participate in Chase the ace. The more you play, the greater your odds increase. Draw to take place at year end wrap up.

***This year, we added 2 bonus cards to ‘Chase the Ace’. Jokers are worth $10.00.


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