July 19th Newsletter – Monte Vista Ladies Golf Day

Eleventh ladies night and 64 ladies participated.  This is our highest numbers of ladies.  Thanks to the ladies from Pine Grove and Cedar Green Golf Courses for joining our Ladies Night on a beautiful hot sunny day.

More ladies are joining our Ladies Night and I encourage everyone to continue to bring friends.  Our goal is simple…. enjoy golf, friends, laughs, a drink and if you are hungry, the food and service is outstanding.

IMPORTANT:  The $15 you pay is for green fees only.  We negotiated this price with GolfSudbury so we can keep a reasonable rate for our ladies night.  In order to receive the discounted green fees of $15, you must pay $5 for prizes.  If any ladies do not want to pay $5 to join our Ladies Night but want to play 9 holes, the regular rate is $20.34.

MUST READ… EVERYONE from your team must pay $5 in order to be considered for prizes and “Chase the Ace”.  If one of your players does not pay, the other ladies in your group will not be considered as a winning team when playing a Scramble or a Shamble. That person SHOULD NOT be golfing on the same holes as all other ladies.


*****REMEMBER to write your full name clearly on score cards and your scores.  Your score cards must be dropped off in a metal box in Main Entrance of the golf course or given to Ladies reps.

*****Once you have taken 10 shots, pick up your ball and mark 10 on your score card for that hole.



When you pay your $5.00 for Ladies Night and $2.00 for Chase the Ace, you do not need to be present to collect any prizes.  Prizes are left with at the Pro Shop so you can pick it up when you join us for your next Ladies Night.

Tonight’s special was a Chicken Cashew Stir fry… mmm.

Today we played a 2 or 3 ladies scramble on the front nine.  As well, if you brought a friend who has not yet played our ladies night, she golfed for free as long as she pays $5 for prizing.

$320 was collected and as agreed upon, $1 from the $5 is kept for our year end wrap up night.  In order to join our wrap up and enjoy a gift, ten (10) games must be played and $5 for prizes must be paid from May 10th to the wrap-up night which will take place at the end of September.  You still have a lot of golf nights to meet that goal!


The balance of $256 is paid out by vouchers.  Once you pay your $5, add your name to the list.

  • Closest to Pin – $16 – Angele Tremblay
  • Closet to Rope – $16 – Deb Sizer
  • Luck of the draw – $14 – Pierrette Chevrier


Here are this week’s winners of a $14 voucher:


Score 39 – Chantal Moncion & Lise Gladu

Score 42 – Josee Paquette & Bev Byard

Score 43 – Linda Loiselle & Jean Ethier



Score 37 – Jodie Giroux – Karen Croteau & Sue Prudhomme

Score 37 – Sylvie Kingsley – Diane Wilson & Maureen Calvank

Score 39 – Rita Robichaud – Tracy Vaillancourt & Paulette Carriere


Next Wednesday, we are playing a Shamble on the back nine.  Like in a scramble, all members of your team tee off and the best ball of the team is selected. All players move their balls to the spot of the best ball. From this point, all members of the team play their own ball into the hole and record their individual scores.  The format is for the entire 9 holes.

Extra prizes were selected by numbering system.  If you know anyone willing to make a donation, please collect on my behalf.  A letter to our Local Businesses is available.  Let me know so I can hand them out.


  • Sylvie Kingsley wins a free large Traditional Pizza from Toppers’s Pizza

Thanks to Topper’s Pizza for their continued donation.  Visit them for a delicious pizza at www.toppers.ca

  • Brenda Sandstrom wins a $25 Gift Certificate from JB Jewellers
  • Rose Darrach wins a $25 Gift Certificate from JB Jewellers
  • Jo-Ann Basso wins a $25 Gift Certificate from JB Jewellers

A special thanks to Mike Bigelow at JB Jewellers for his continued sponsorship to our Ladies Night.  His sponsorship continues since the course opened… long time ago.

  • Jacquie Plaxton wins a $25 gift card from Golf Sudbury.
  • Linda Collison wins a $25 gift card from Golf Sudbury.

Gift donated by Sam Yawney.  Thanks to Sam for his sponsorship to Ladies Night.

  • Gisele O’Bonsawin wins a $25 gift card from Skakoon Home Hardware.

Thanks to Skakoon Home Hardware for their sponsorship.  Visit them in the Donovan area.

  • Sandy Plaunt wins a hat, a pack of 3 Wilson balls plus extras…

Gifts donated by your ladies reps.

  • Carole Smith wins a $20 gift card from M.I.C.

Thanks to M.I.C. for their donation.  Visit them in Sudbury for yummy wings and cold beer.

  • Ursula Larocque wins an 8 inch Regular Cake from Dairy Queen in Val Caron

Thanks to DQ in Val Caron for keeping us cool on a hot day…Everyone loves ice cream!

  • Toni Calabrese wins a $10 Gift Card from Signatures Restaurant in Val Caron.

Thanks to Corrine for her sponsorship.  Enjoy great food and wonderful Sangria drinks.


‘Chase the Ace’ –  34 ladies participated

  • Sylvie Kingsley and the King of Diamond was picked
  • Connie Paquette and the 9 of Hearts was picked
  • Karen Luoma and the King of Clubs was picked

***Ace of Diamonds pays 20% of the pot and it has been won.  Aces of Heart, Spades and Club pay 15% of the pot.   We continue next week collecting $2 to play ‘Chase the Ace’ until all 4 Aces have been won.  There are 2 Aces available to win a growing pot and only 24 cards remain.

***This year, we added 2 bonus cards to ‘Chase the Ace’.  Jokers are worth $10.00 but both Jokers have been won.


The Monte Vista Ladies Golf Committee looks forward to seeing you next Wednesday and would to thank all staff in the kitchen, bar and pro shop for a great evening.  Thank you for the smiles and the wonderful service.


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