July 11th 2016 Newsletter – Cedar Green Monday Ladies Golf Day

On our eleventh Monday Ladies Golf Day this season we had a total of 85 participants, of which 2 were new golfers to our Ladies Night.

Tonight we hosted a cake auction to raise funds for “Angels in Pink” a group of volunteers in Sudbury which raises money for the Northern Cancer Foundation’s Diagnostic Equipment Fund. All funds from our cake auction and raffle will be donated to this worthy cause.  The ladies Committee also set up and ice cream bar for a sweet treat in this hot weather for the ladies to enjoy throughout the evening. The supplies for this buffet were provided by Vrab’s Your Independent Grocers located at 1836 Regent St, Sudbury.

Cakes were donated by some of our regular Monday Night golfers and members of our Ladies Golf Committee Funds raised from this event will be added to proceeds from our sales of our raffle tickets, and donated to the Angels in Pink on July 25that our Pink Night. A “BIG THANK YOU “to our talented & generous bakers and to our VERY generous winning bidders.

Gayle Akerman Chocolate Nuttella Cake Cathy Macey $45.00
Jeanne Matthews Carrot Cake Annette Creasy $50.00
Silvanna Buttazoni Red Velvet Cake Sylvie Bloom $40.00
Jackie Kingsley Turtle cheese Cake Chantal Weloski $65.00
Sylvie Bloom Harvey Wallbanger Cake Maryann Zanchetta $35.00


Linda Collison  sold her Fudgy Chocolate Brownies at $2 each which raised $146.00 in added revenue for the cause.

Lorraine Knight and Jean Ethier each donated $20.00 to our fundraiser

Our cake auction raised a total of $421.00 for this worthy cause.

There still seems to be some confusion with regards to the rules related to participating and winning the Toonie Pot. We have noticed that some ladies have written their names on the markers located on holes #3 and #16 but did not pay $2 to participate in the Toonie Pot challenge. This may be due to the fact that the golfer may presume this is a marker for closest to the pin.  As well, some golfers have not used the flag pole to measure the distance between the hole and the spot where their ball landed on the green. This should be done in front of your golf partners (witnesses) before writing your name on the Toonie Pot Marker.

The criteria to participate in the Toonie Pot challenge are the following:

  1. ONLY golfers who join us at the 6:00 pm Shotgun Start have the option to participate in the TWOONIE POT at a cost of $2.00.
  2. You must first pay your $2 fee to the Ladies Committee member (outside the pro shop) prior to starting your round of golf.
  3. Hole # 3 is designated as the Toonie Pot hole on the front 9 and hole # 16 is the designated hole on the back 9.
  4. Should you be believe your tee-shot has landed within the flagpole length on either hole please ensure you confirm that fact by actually measuring the distance using the flag pole, in front of a witness.
  5. Once this happens you can write your name on the Toonie Pot Marker.
  6.  Should more than one person land within the flagpole length of the hole, the cash pot will be split between the golfers who have successfully met the challenge.
  7. If no one is successful achieving this goal, the money will be accrued every week until a golfer succeeds on a subsequent week.

Next week on Monday July 18th we will be playing our game on the back nine with any overflow assigned on designated holes on the front. Players will be given FREE LIFTS from any water, so even if you lose a ball in the water you will not add a stroke to your score. You can place a second ball back as far as you want from your point of entry of the water hazard but not closer to the hole, do not count a stroke and continue to play.

You can book your starting hole on the Sign-up Sheet being distributed this evening or by calling the pro shop after 8:00 am on Tuesday morning at 705-560-1090.

This Week’s “Winners” each won $24.00 for the following:

  1. Low Gross Score: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Lynn Beaudry – 40 – lowest gross score
  2. Low Gross Score: Freida Nassas – 41 – second lowest gross score
  1. Low Net Score: Jacquie Plaxton – 21- 1st Low net
  2. Low Net Score: Jodie Giroux – 24 – 2nd Low net
  3. Low Net Score: Melanie Mayer – 24 – 3rd Low net
  4. Low Net Score: Lise Montpellier – 25 – 4th Low net

Closest to the Pin (front 9 – hole # 5):            Lisa Burke

Closest to the Pin (back 9 – hole # 17): Cathe Merkley

Closest to the Line (front 9 – hole #1): Kathy Mick

Closest to the Line (back 9 – hole # 11): Carol Giroux

This week’s Winners who joined us after 6:00 pm game, names drawn for gifts donated by our sponsors.

Pro Golf Liquidators– $25 gift certificate: ­Jeannie Jakabo


Toppers Pizza: Large Pizza: Sue Comtois


Fionn McCools (Kingsway location): $15 gift certificate: Jean Ethier


Shoeless Joes:  2 free appetizers: Pat Falcioni


Fired Up Pizza: – Large Pizza: Jeanne Matthews


Trade Secrets: gift bag: Cathe Merkley


Dairy Queen 8” cake: Cathy Mick

Donation from Sheila Lascelle @ Lorne St. DQ

Respect Is Burning / Durham Social Club: $25 gift card: Gayle Akerman

Oomf Activewear: $20 gift card: Jean White


Desimone Shoes & Spa – $20 gift certificate            : Shirley Cann


Visor and golf balls: Lynn Beaudry

Donation from Cedar Green Ladies Golf committee

Martini tees and golf balls: Julie Thompson

Donation from Cedar Green Ladies Golf committee

The 50/50 draw in the amount of $85.00 was won by – Fern Nistico

The twoonie pot in the amount of $64.00 was won by Sue Comtois and Jodie Giroux (each won $32.00). 

The Cedar Green Ladies Golf Committee Linda, Lisa, Maryann and Sylvie thank you all for making our Monday Ladies Golf Night a very successful event.

A special thank you goes to Kyle Lekun and his pro shop staff for registering our golfers in a timely manner to ensure everyone could join us for the shotgun start. We also extend a thank you to Brian Cattapan again for preparing a great buffet special and for the bar staff who kept our lady golfers satiated with drinks.  What a great team!!!

Hope to see you all next week.


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