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Ten months ago I was sitting on a little balcony overlooking the beautiful city of Prague when I received a phone call from Roma, one of the owners of GolfSudbury. Roma had phoned me regarding a position they had just received funding for, assisting their new General Manager, Rob Mininni, in a role focused on marketing and communications. Her excitement for the future of GolfSudbury was evident through the phone, due hugely to the acquisition of a General Manager who had a plethora of experience and knowledge of the golf industry. She had expressed to me that she felt as though my background would fit perfectly into the role, and that my personality would match well with the dynamic of Rob and their newly acquired accountant Leslie, in the small but mighty GolfSudbury office.

At the time I had just graduated from Sports Administration at Laurentian University. Having written the last exam of my undergrad less than three weeks before, I was such a fresh grad I hadn’t even walked across the stage yet. When Roma called I was in the interview process for a position with the Toronto Argonauts and promised her that I would accept the job if I didn’t move on in the process. Fast-forward to now and here I am – knees deep in laying out a marketing plan for the upcoming year for five golf courses. With our job fair coming up, I wanted to reflect on how much I have been able to learn while working at GolfSudbury.

As a start to my career, I can confidently say that working within a small and growing organization has major benefits. I have been able to work on a variety of different areas and gain important skills that I have wanted to learn for a very long time. Having a broad scope of skills will be extremely beneficial to me throughout my career. For example, knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are necessary skills, especially in business and marketing. Working with these programs on a daily basis has improved my skillset tenfold. Rob has been able to teach me a lot about these programs, and work with me to design some pretty cool material. Looking back on the material I made when I first started it’s evident that I’ve come a long way in 10 short months.

One of my favourite things about my job is how progressive GolfSudbury is. It’s true that change doesn’t happen overnight, but change is happening here every day and overtime I know these changes will be evident from the viewpoint of our staff, golfers, and the city. Rob is always open to new ideas so I always know I can present anything I would like to see implemented. Whether they actually are feasible is another topic but having a General Manager who is always striving towards innovation is integral to the success of a business. It also makes for a great environment to work in. That being said, Rob expects a lot out of me and the rest of the staff here, but it isn’t anything more than I expect from myself.

The funding that was received for my position also fueled 170 positions across all five courses last summer, and this summer it’s set to do the same. That’s a lot of opportunities. To young people and students looking for a summer job this summer, my advice to you would be to consider working at one of our golf courses. Working at a golf course has major benefits – one of them being the amount of people that you meet and interact with on a daily basis. As a business grad, the importance of networking has been ingrained into me. Regardless of whether you are in high school and unsure of your career path or post-secondary inching closer to a career, this type of networking is important. Learning about other people’s jobs can show you what you want or don’t want. Being in a position to network with this many people can also present further opportunities for you in the future.

Every day I have opportunities to take on new tasks and own my own projects. For someone with my personality and with my long-term goals this is really important to me. For students considering a position with one of our courses remember that there are always opportunities to get experience in other areas. Last year we had a server from Timberwolf come into our main office to do cash outs for another one of the courses. I strongly encourage people who are interested in other areas to let it be known and ask for more. Once you have completed your tasks see what else there is to do. If you are looking for more hours it never looks better to show initiative and ask for more. Opportunities come to those who ask.

Finally, and most importantly, the golf course is a fun place to work. Despite mostly working inside of the office, I can see the fun that happens outside these four walls. Just looking at Cedar Green for example, I see how much fun the servers have with each other and with the golfers. The camaraderie between all of the staff including the kitchen, servers, pro shop, back shop, and maintenance is infectious – even from my desk inside the office. Maybe it’s being outside in the sun or dealing with golfers excited to be on the course that makes the staff so happy, but whatever it is it’s great to see. Whether you love golf or know nothing about the sport, GolfSudbury is a great place to be.


Join us for our job fair on March 31st from 5pm-8pm and April 1st from 10am-3pm.

We are hiring at all of our courses: Timberwolf, Cedar Green, Monte Vista, Pine Grove and Stonehill. All courses and all departments, including food and beverage, golf, and grounds keeping.


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