GolfSudbury Club Championship

For the first time in the history of GolfSudbury the best of the best will battle it out for ultimate supremacy. The inaugural event will take place at Timberwolf on Saturday October 14, 2018.

Each year as the summer draws to an end, all of our courses host their own Club Championship. This year we will raise the stakes by adding on a GolfSudbury Club Championship allowing the top golfers to tee off for even bigger bragging rights.

The top 10 GROSS and NET scores from the Men’s and Junior Boys division and the top 4 GROSS and NET scores from the Women’s and Junior Girls division at each club will compete in the GolfSudbury Championship. All flights will be represented evenly and will be determined by participation at each club.


Club Championship Dates:

Cedar Green Golf Club: August 26th & 27th

Monte Vista Golf Club: August 26th & 27th

Pine Grove Golf Club: September 2nd & 3rd

Stonehill Golf Club: September 16th & 17th

Timberwolf Golf Club: August 19th & 20th


So start practicing and gearing up for your Club Championship and hopefully you qualify for the inaugural GolfSudbury Championship.


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