August 30th Newsletter – Monte Vista Ladies Golf Day

Seventeenth ladies night and the afternoon was perfect for a round of golf.  At 5 pm, the heavy rain prevented the ladies to participate in our ladies night.  For this reason, ladies night was canceled and all ladies that played last week will be credited with a game played for tonight.

The ladies might not have golfed tonight but 30 ladies stayed for food and beverages.

*****REMEMBER to write your full name clearly on score cards and your scores.  Your score cards must be dropped off in the metal box in Main Entrance of the golf course or given to Ladies reps.

*****Once you have taken 10 shots, pick up your ball and mark 10 on your score card for that hole.

When you pay your $5.00 for Ladies Night and $2.00 for Chase the Ace, you do not need to be present to collect any prizes.  Prizes are left with at the Pro Shop so you can pick it up when you join us for your next Ladies Night.

Every Wednesday in September will be a 2 or 3 ladies scramble.  If you paid your $5 and/or $2 towards Chase the Ace tonight, when you play next week, add your name and next to your name, please write R/O.  I will keep track of the money and the names of ladies who paid.

IMPORTANT CHANGE:  In order to join our wrap up and enjoy a gift, ten (10) games must be played by September 27th and $5 for prizes must be paid from May 10th.  The wrap up night will take place on Wednesday, October 4th at 6:30 pm.

October 4th will be a 4 ladies scramble and if you play, you MUST ensure that you will complete your 9 holes by 6:30 pm.  Ladies Night will continue in October as long as daylight permits.  A 4 ladies scramble will always be the format and if you only have 3 players, alternate the 4th shot on every hole.

Rain or shine, the wrap night will take place and we will work in conjunction with Lillian to provide a delicious buffet.

***Wrap up Buffet tickets is now available for purchase… Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Caesar salad, coffee/tea, and dessert at a cost of $15/person.

Next Wednesday, we are playing a 2 or 3 ladies scramble on the back nine.  As daylight is getting shorter, a 2 or 3 ladies scramble will be played every Wednesday Ladies’ Night in September.

*****Our last Ladies’ Night to qualify for your 10 games will be Wednesday, September 27th.

‘Chase the Ace’

***Ace of Diamonds pays 20% of the pot and it has been won.  Aces of Heart, Spades, and Club pay 15% of the pot.   We continue next week collecting $2 to play ‘Chase the Ace’ until all 4 Aces have been won.  There is 1 Ace available to win a growing pot and only 12 cards remain.

As of tonight, the last Ace is worth $75.00

***This year, we added 2 bonus cards to ‘Chase the Ace’.  Jokers are worth $10.00 but both Jokers have been won.


The Monte Vista Ladies Golf Committee looks forward to seeing you next Wednesday and sends a special ‘Thank You’ to all staff at Monte Vista!!!!


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