2019 Golf Sudbury Memberships

Membership season has returned for another year at Golf Sudbury. There are a million reasons to become a member at one of five Golf Sudbury courses. 2019 memberships will go on sale this upcoming Monday, August 27th.

Membership Timeline:

New Members: Aug. 27th to October 8th – Purchase a memberships for 2019 and play the rest of 2018 Free

Existing Members: Aug. 27th to Dec 2nd – Purchase a membership for 2019 and receive a 5% gift card (5% of membership price) and 5 course green fee pack. (New Members receive the gift pack and 5 % gift card if they sign up after October 8th)

Dec. 3rd to Mar. 3rd – Regular Rates Apply

Mar. 4th through the 2019 Season – Regular Rates + 10 %

All memberships must be purchased at the Golf Sudbury Head Office or for South End course at the Pine Grove or Stonehill proshops.

For more information please call 705-560-1090


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